Good Questions: Masking an Ugly Gas Heater?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

We’re moving to a great apartment near UCSF. The building is 1914, and in excellent condition. The only funky thing is the cover on the gas heater. The rest of the apartment is Arts and Crafts. Do readers have any suggestions?

Thanks, P.

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Dear P.,

We have a funky ugly heater in our rental apartment, too. We tried camo: we painted it the same color as the wall. We also minimized its visual impact by positioning the couch in front of it, leaving 18″ between for fire safety.

In your case, if you intend to leave the trim and wall different shades, we’d continue that line across the heater’s cover to help with the camoflage. (And check with your landlord first that paint on the cover is ok.)

So many apartments in the Bay Area are afflicted with ugly heaters, there really ought to be a solution, such as attractive screens that cover without compromising heat conductivity, but we don’t know of anything (that’s not custom-made and super $$$) that fits this bill. Anyone else?