Good Questions: How To Move My AC To The Top?

published Apr 11, 2007
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Hello AT,

My AC units are currently installed in the bottom of my windows. I’ve
heard it’s possible to install units at the top of the window instead. I’d love to do this and say goodbye to cold air blowing directly on me and hello to unobstructed views…

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Anyone out there have guidance about making this transition safely (I surely don’t want my units falling out of windows)? I’d really like to find someone to hire to do the installations for me. A friend also
mentioned there might be some regulations about this of which I need to be aware.

FYI: my windows have metal frames.

Thanks for your help, Dawn

Dear Dawn,

While we haven’t done it personally, we’ve had many clients and friends who have. Most of them have hired help, but you can totally do it yourself if you are handy and have help with the lifting, etc.

The main thing is that the unit has to be attached to your window frames (screws), which is a little trickier with metal frames, but definitely doable. Metal screws will go into metal.

Also the window below has to be propped to stay snug up against the machine. It can be screwed into place itself or propped from the outside.

If you call an AC installer, we estimate that the cost would be around $200.

The thing we DON’T have any idea about is the regulations for your building. Does anyone know the rules around this?