Good Questions: Does Anyone Have This Dream?

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Hello AT,

I have a recurring dream, and I wanted to share with ATers because I think you’ll understand. For years I’ve dreamt about my dwelling (decades at this point – I peg the start of these when I moved into my first adult apartment).

The basics are the same – I’m walking around my apartment when suddenly I find a door to another room. It appears to be one I’ve never seen before. I open the door – joy fills my heart – look at all this unused space I can play with! And how did I overlook this room for so long?…

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And when I wake up, it usually takes me a few minutes to realize that it was just a dream, the space doesn’t exist – and I’m left with my existing tiny (but lovely) footprint.

There are a few variations on the theme – like when I move my things into the new room only to realize that it really belongs to my neighbor and I better hotfoot it out of there. But ultimately, the basics remain constant.

Am I the only one who has dreams like this?


Dear Kate,

Wow, what a great dream. We’ve never had this one. Ours was always the one were we find ourselves walking around the city naked and try to figure out how to get home. That was stressful. OR, our favorite one was of being able to lift off and fly around the city like a bird.

Has anyone had Kate’s dream?