Good Questions: Great Tightly Knit Cotton Quilts?

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Hello AT,

Our large dog loves to nap on our bed during the day, but after her
many walks, her paws often track dirt onto our duvet. We’d love to
find a washable quilt to cover the bed with but many of the quilts
we’ve seen have delicate stitching, that our dog’s nails will likely
fray in short order, or are of a material that would shred or wouldn’t wash easily…

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I know I’ve seen nice, heavy-duty, tightly knit cotton quilts
somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where and my best
search efforts have turned up empty. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Kenji.


The type you are describing is more of a European design.

The first thought we had was Calypso Home, which carries an assortment of quilts in the French style. Another place you could try is Ochre on Broome street.

Online we’d go straight to our top Bedding link and check out what the latest choices in stock are:

Anyone else?