Good Questions: Know a Better Version of This Rack?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Hi everyone, I have this shoe rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond and I hate it. The shoe rungs keep falling out the holes and my shoes go tumbling everywhere. Does anyone know of a company that makes something similar to this in shape (tall and skinny), that holds as many shoes, but better quality?

Many thanks, Renee

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Dear Renee,

We would normally go right to the Container Store and check out their shoe rack collection, but upon inspection, we’re not sure they have anything better at all. Shoe racks tend to be cheaply made in order to be light and appeal to the buyers who would balk at $100 shoe rack.

How about moving to a solid stacking solution like this two shelf storage stacker?

Anyone else who has a bigger shoe fetish experience than we do?