Good Questions: Who’s Your Top Moving Pick?

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Hello AT,

I am moving from Washington Heights to the Upper Westside. Can you please recommend reliable mover?

I read the posting about OZ moving and Rabbit Moving. I contacted OZ moving and it seems they are very expensive. I contacted Rabbit moving and it turned out they don’t even have mover’s insurance (isn’t it new york law to have insurance?). Please give advice toward this.

Thank you!!! Lee (pic Nate’s Moving)

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Dear Lee,

We’ve used Rabbit, Nate’s and Rainbow and had a good experience with all of them. We never asked about mover’s insurance, and DON’T believe that it’s a law in NYC to have it, otherwise we figure Rabbit would have it.

We say go with your gut, and if OZ is too expensive for you, go with Rabbit. If you have really expensive, priceless antiques and want that extra cushion of security that comes with insurance, then you should expect to pay more.

AND, if you want white glove treatment, go with Brownstone Brothers.

Anyone else?