Good Questions: Slimmer Microwave But the Same Width?

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Hello AT,

I want an over the stove microwave like this one from the Sharp website, but I can’t use any of the typical ones that are 16″ high. An ideal height would be 12″ – otherwise I have to replace my cabinets. If I search for “compact” over the range microwaves, then everything I find is like 22″ wide where I need something 30″ wide. What can I do without replacing cabinets? Has anyone found a cost effective solution for this? Thanks, Keith

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Dear Keith,

We’re throwing this out to the crowd, but we’ll add two cents:

A tall microwave might work. When we renovated last summer we were forced to lower our ventilation hood over the stove from where we planned to have it (and below code). Although it is lower, it still gives us plenty of room to cook and we haven’t thought about it again. Short answer: you don’t need as much room as you think.

Also, should you go for a slimmer machine that’s less wide, it shouldn’t be hard to build out the sides and fill the gap with nice wood so that it doesn’t look so funky. Good cabinetry can make this problem go away.

Anyone else?