Good Questions: Professional Organizers?

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Dear AT,

My question concerns our office. Originally intended for wine storage, it is very small indeed – only about 9 by 14. Two people work there full-time, and several others work there part-time. We have some filing cabinets and a small rack for mail, but our storage mainly consists of cardboard boxes and wooden wine boxes that we have re-purposed.

We are in the basement with no windows and a single overhead light. We don’t have as much counter space as we need, and everyone works very hard and has had little time to devote to improving the space. As you have almost certainly guessed, we need help…

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I am wondering whether anyone can recommend a professional organizer, perhaps – who can help us organize our space, increase storage, and improve our lighting.


Dear M,

We did a google search, as this is a topic we haven’t dug into deeply yet. The first place we found is Gainer Organizing (GO), a local pro organizing company featured on HGTV. The site looks good, they specialize in both home and office organization, and they feature positive feedback and quotes on the site from Chicago customers.

We also spotted White Space: “White Space™ is a Professional Organizer that combines personal and professional organization, flow and function; creating places of comfort and unparalleled efficiency. Whether it’s a bedroom closet or a 14,000 sq ft. office, the Professional Organizers at White Space™ can customize a solution to add balance, order, simplicity and control to your life.” White Space also has a running blog worth checking out.

And lastly, we came across Organized with Style. These look like three good places to start getting information and cost quote.

Can anyone else give us some good tips or firsthand accounts on experience with a local professional organizer?? There must be some great ones out there….

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