Good Questions: How to clean rust off chrome?

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TT writes:

Hi AT,
I recently bought these three Heywood Wakefield HeyWoodite Solid Plastic chairs for $25 from craigslist. They are surprisingly comfortable and will look great as dining chairs. How do I remove the rust and make the legs shiny again? I also want to replace the feet, but found no resources when I searched the Internet. Any info on these chairs would be great as well (I only know they were student chairs.)

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Hi TT,
Depending on the severity of the rusting, it’s not that difficult to remove rust from chrome. We’ve achieved great results simply by using some fine grade steel wool, and perhaps a little chrome cleaner. We’ve also heard that aluminum foil strangely works well, although we’ve never actually tried it. In regards to replacement feet, that might be a bit more difficult. One idea may be to contact a Heywood Wakefield specialist, such as Woody’s Antiques, in Orange. Does anyone have any additional resources or tips for TT?