Good Questions: Flat Plug Wall Solution for High Sockets?

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Hello AT,

Our apartment recently underwent extensive renovations, and there’s one minor problem for which need a solution. The electrical sockets in our bedroom are, for some reason, quite… high. Vertically speaking. That is to say, the are, respectively, 2.5′ and 3′ from the floor. Which, as you can imagine, creates an odd situation: when you plug something in, either (a) if the cable’s really short, you get a cable stretched across the room’s airspace like a hooked chain from Hellraiser, or (b) if the cable’s long enough, you still see it drooping out of the wall waist- or chest-high. more……

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Is there any socket extension/management solution out there that will, for example, plug into an outlet and allow you to run a cable down a wall vertically but FLAT AGAINST THE WALL? It would allow us to get the actual socket down to floor level, without compromising the aesthetics all that much (and who knows? if the solution’s nice, it could enhance the aesthetics).

Thanks very much, all! Gabu