Good Questions: Old Fashioned Christmas Ideas?

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Hello AT,

I’m an old guy. When I was a boy families in my neighborhood often stenciled and sprayed snowflakes, ornaments, candy canes and other Christmasy stuff on their windows and mirrors.

I was wondering if that sort of old technology still exists and, if so, where do you get it and what is it called. I’m nostalgic for the old days and, also, cheap. I want a feel for the Christmas’s of bygone days with yesteryear prices. Can you help a poor guy out?

Thanks, Frank Mooney

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Dear Frank, we’re throwing this out to the crowd, but do have a few links for you on Frosting Glass:

Old Fashioned Living has alot of projects and inspiration

Lehman’s is a great resource for old-fashioned, non-electric products, tools and home accessories