Good Questions: Holiday Decor with a 1 Year Old?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Stef sent us the above photo collage along with her good question: I would love to hear Ohdeedoh readers’ fabulous, stylish and festive alternatives to, or tips for, having a Christmas Tree with a 1 year old! Every year this hip/minimalist mama starts dreaming of tinsel and lights and glitter-oh my- as soon as November hits (we are in Canada and Thanksgiving comes much earlier, so its allowed!). But this year with my first baby turning one on December 6th, and us in a 900 sq. foot condo, I am at a loss as to how I can have my Christmas (tree) cake and eat it too. For the last 3 years we’ve either been moving, reno-ing or bringing home a preemie, and we had this jokey Charlie Brown tree!

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So, I am determined to have some proper decorations, yet I know my son will just a) eat the needles, b) tear down and bounce the “balls” if we decorate a real tree. I hate the look and idea of “gates” and we don’t have the space anyway. I love the idea of something totally out of the ordinary, like the wall decals shown on ohdeedoh, but we have no wall space where it could be highlited properly. I’ve been thinking of maybe a large Christmas tree shaped mylar balloon and an evergreen scented candle! Help me have somewhere Santa can leave a gift for the Baby’s 1st (ish) Christmas pictures!

All ideas and inspirations for Stef are welcome. Add yours to the comments below…thanks!