Good Questions: Anyone Seen a Powerstrip with a Foot Switch?

Good Questions: Anyone Seen a Powerstrip with a Foot Switch?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 19, 2007

Hello AT,

In following your green initiative, I've decided that I'm going to deal with the wasted energy my appliances/electronics use when I move to my new apartment. What I would love to find is a big fat powerstrip with a nice long cord and a foot switch pedal. That way I can hide the strip in my media cabinet with all the electronics and have just the foot switch come out so I can quickly step on it to turn everything off when I'm not home...

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Also, this would work for my handheld device charging station-- keep all the adaptors plugged in all the time and just step on the switch when I want to charge something.

Has anyone ever seen something like this? If not, should I dare ask an electrician to make me one-- would they even agree to it (because of safety liabilities)?

Or is this a patent just waiting to happen and my lost chance for making a million dollars?

Thanks for the advice! Marcelo

Dear Marcelo,

It's a great idea, we've not seen one, but you could easily make one by putting a switch like the foot one either into the cord (a bit hard, as powerstrip cords are fat), or between the powerstrip and the wall socket. There are dimmer and regular switches you can buy (for not much money) that plug into your wall and then have your powerstrip plug into them. They would then control the whole strip.

Anyone else???

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