Good Questions: A Wall for Our Bedroom?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I live with my husband and daughter in a 1,000 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens. Now that our daughter is almost a year old, it is time (past time) to give her a separate or semi-separate room to sleep in.

The most obvious thing is to divide our large 14×18 bedroom.

We considered a compression wall, but this is not an option because our ceilings are not made of concrete.

Putting up a real wall is an option, but it will be costly, and will severely cut up the room. (Also we may have to take it down when we move.)

A curtain seems too lightweight, but I haven’t ruled that out.

Any thoughts on creative ways to divide the room in a semi-sound-proof and light-proof way?

Thanks! Rebecca

Dear Rebecca, for looking for creative ways of continuing to use your space you get a gold star.

The best way to do this IS to build a wall and we would recommend that if you do this you place windows in it near the ceiling to allow some light to flow through when you want it.

You CAN use a compression wall (we think) as these do not require concrete ceilings. We recommend checking out The Living Space Company, which provides this service.

As a final solution, we have had good luck with stringing “soft walls” across rooms. Made of an interior of quilted blankets (moving blankets are perfect) and an exterior of light fabric or canvas, this does require some assembly, but is a quiet, unique DIY solution. Instructions for hanging this type of thing are here. MGR