Good Questions: Are They Building a Skyscraper Next to Me?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I’m about to BUY MY OWN APARTMENT. Which is ridiculously exciting. It’s really small, but so charming, with high ceilings, and big windows. And, looking at the coolest smallest apartment contest has been totally inspiring!

But here’s the catch: the little church behind the building (111 4th ave), is being torn down. Which makes me think they are gonna build some huge building there, blocking my view! Any advice on how I can find this out?

Thanks! Kim

We knew there would be a good answer to this question, and we knew just who would know: Lockhart Steele of Curbed. As he is sitting on the couch about 10 feet away, we asked him, and before the words were out of our mouth he had already replied, “I will send you a Curbed post on that.” However, it wasn’t that easy and – being very busy at the moment – he had to beg off to do it later. When he does, we will post it. In the meantime, here is where we would go to look:

  • Department of Buildings
    (Thanks, Kim!) MGR
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