Good Questions: Are Vessel Sinks a Good Idea?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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Hello AT,

Does anyone have advice about vessel sinks? These are sinks that sit all or partway above a surface.

I like the look of them and am considering installing two round ones in our bathroom, but have heard they should only be used in powder rooms because with regular, everyday use (e.g., face-washing) the user ends up splashing water all over him- or herself.

If this hasn’t been a problem for you, brand/style names, prices, and sources would be appreciated.
Thanks! Jean

Dear Jean, In our experience, clients and readers have only said positive things about vessel sinks. We say go for it, but be sure to get one wide enough to suit your splashing style. We don’t have any recs on specific brands, but would check out, Kohler Bathroom, and Trendir for starters.