Good Questions: Battling a Neighbor and Landlord

Good Questions: Battling a Neighbor and Landlord

Gregory Han
Mar 6, 2009

My question is, What can I do when my landlord will not listen to my complaints about my neighbor and when my neighbor complains about something about me, they act on it right away? I have talked to my neighbor about some issues and she denies that she is the one causing the issues. I have written e-mails to my landlord twice and nothing was done about it. My landlord simply brushed it aside and did not do anything about it...

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My neighbor complained about me not leaving enough room in the shared garage between the front of my car and a wall so that she can get to her side of the garage. She could go around my car to get to her side, but I guess it's too much trouble. She claims she is handicapped, but I have seen her walk perfectly fine, and that not leaving enough room is a safety hazard. I have a few storage boxes and a couple of bicycles in my side of the garage and I also park my car there, which I am entitled to do so because it is in my lease and pay rent for half of the garage. She on the other hand does not have a lease, because she told me at one time that the old management company sold the property to the current management, the new one did not have her sign a lease. She has a pile of stuff from the ground up to ceiling that takes up half of the garage on her side of the garage, two motor cycles, a bike and rocking chair hanging from the garage ceiling. This is clearly a bigger safety and fire hazard than what she was complaining about me.

Does anyone have advice of how to improve my situation considering the non-response from my landlord and neighbor? The landlord knows about all the stuff in the garage for the past three years after an inspection, but never enforced that they clean up the garage. On the other hand I received a letter from the landlord yesterday along with pictures of what the neighbor was complaining about and was told to cooperate by leaving at least 36 inches of space for her to walk by. Please help!!! -Maria

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