Good Questions: Better Interior Doors?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I recently bought an apartment on the top-floor of a 106 year-old brownstone. The space is wonderful, but some of the finishes are not.

The worst are the interior doors — which are those horribly flimsy hollow-core doors stamped with an unappealing six panel design.

Any ideas for where I might find more interesting doors?

A different panel design would be nice — something that would blend well in the turn-of-the-century building but also fit with the somewhat more modern, open layout the the apartment was converted to a decade ago. Even nicer would be to get something with more heft. These stamped hollow-core doors seem to be the curse of nearly every apartment here in Chicago.


ps: If you’ve got any ideas for replacing the chincey $6 gold door knobs on the existing doors as well, I’d appreciate any advice you have.

We know your pain. Though we haven’t bought doors in years, you know that you will get what you pay for and for more money, you can simply buy new doors from your local lumber store, at a place like Home Depot or online at Just take a look.

You can also look for salvage or vintage doors, but we need the help of some Chicago readers for help here. If you were in New York, we would send you to Build it Green! NYC, which has a ton of salvage. Chicago readers, speak up! MGR

ps. as for the knobs – check out Liz’s Antique Hardware!