Good Questions: Dealing with The Ugly Brown Carpet in a Rental?

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AT:LA readers Marie writes us with a common dilemma faced by renters: the dreaded “rental carpet.

Hello. I live in a fairly decent apartment in Los Alamitos and I used to feel very comfortable in it. However, two years ago, the owner purchased new carpeting – – a god-awful, really ugly, marble brown, of yesteryear! It has colored everything for me and no matter how good everything else might be, the carpeting is just so embarrassing. I’ve stopped entertaining – – the one thing that really gave me satisfaction and joy – – and it’s really impacted my life. How in the world do I tackle this problem?

Dear Marie,

Our condolences for your new but ugly brown carpet! Depending on the pile of the carpet (one of our first apartments had very high pile, but it was old and crusty–euuuuchhh!), you can try to put FLOR tiles down in specific areas, or get a few rugs to break up all that brown. We’re big fans of Dash and Albert’s cotton woven striped rugs as they’re really easy to clean and are soft on your feet. And if you like the look of hardwood floors, there are these quirky laser-cut vinyl rugs in faux woodgrain from Arzu Firuz.

Other suggestions?

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