Good Questions: Cheap Carpeting?

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Hello AT,

I am about to move into “student housing” in Upper Manhattan. I’ll be there for 2-3 years.

The floors are horrible linoleum.

Any ideas on inexpensive ways to cover them? Someone suggested putting down low-end, neutral commercial carpet (think doctor’s office) and then adding area rugs as we have time/money which we could take with us when we leave. Problem is: where does one get low end commercial wall to wall and how cheap is low-end.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Putting down commercial carpeting seems like a good idea for the shortrun and the nicest thing you could do is use FLOR tiles (either to cover or to use as a rug) or Bolon Sisal. However, to be less expensive about it we would go for remnants.

  • Broadway Carpet on 99th street (212.663.3700)
  • Rugs USA for cheap sisals
  • ABC also has a good selection of cheap remnants in their basement on 19th street
    (Thanks, Jamie!) MGR
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