Good Questions: Cheaper Butcher Block Table Alternative?

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Do you know where i might be able to find a decent kitchen butcher block table for food prep (36″ height) without paying a fortune for a Boos model?

IKEA used to carry a style i liked but they’ve since discontinued it. i need it to be open around the sides so i can sit at it and do other tasks (like eat?) with my knees underneath the table rather than butting up aginst the closed sides of the IKEA island I currently have (which, BTW, came with the apartment– not my choice).

prefer depth greater than 24″, less than 40″ and width of about 36-42″. does anything come to mind? thanks so much! Nick

Dear Nick, We feel your pain and Ikea has always been the best bet for a low price. They still have this one, The Bevkam, which isn’t bad at all. This one doesn’t work for you? Other than that, here is a list of good places to look, but no silver bullets. MGR