Good Questions: Cool Shelf Liners?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

This might be a little too Martha Stewart for AT’s taste, but here goes:

where can I find good-looking, non-hideous shelf-liner paper? You know, the stuff Mom and Gramma used to line the kitchen drawers so they don’t get filled with (or at least hide) the crumbs, etc?

My apt has the previous tenant’s Laura Ashley drawer liner paper in the kitchen. While I appreciate the drawer liners and the efforts at cleanliness, the flowers are not to my taste. The stuff at the hardware store, KMart, etc. is not my taste either. Any thoughts? Amy

Amy, we love Martha and are surprised that her Everyday line at Kmart doesn’t have anything to fit your bill. It is a tough category. We would recommend that some enterprising designer create nice ones and we’ll blog it.

For ourselves, we love the heavy duty ribbed plastic liners. Here they are with a few other so-so things we found:

(Thanks, Amy!) MGR