Good Questions: Cool Shelving Storage?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hey AT,

In light of your post today [Oct 7th] of 7$ metal magazine racks worth putting in plain sight, I was wondering if you could share with us some other options of nice looking boxes and containers worth filling with stuff and displaying on your shelves with pride.

I have a shoebox full of DVD tapes, a bunch of extra toiletries in a Amazon box and various other things in various other hideous containers. I woudl love to find a set of cheap matching boxes with some class and durability to line up on those shelves.

Thanks, Tom

We admit to being lazy here and always falling back on an old favorite, the Recycled Fiberboard boxes, that we find at The Container Store for @ $8-15 each. These metal gym baskets are also cool. We also like the Ikea boxes, which are wood. Also, Martha has an upmarket box that is now on sale, and her metal stackable storage bins which are cheaper (and just like Ikea’s). (Thanks, Tom!) MGR