Good Questions: Copying the Starck Headboards?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Can anybody give me tips on how I can make a headboard like those designed by Philip Starck for the Paramount Hotel.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks, Brian

Wow, this is a tough question! We haven’t seen the headboards at the Paramount in person, but it looks as if they are framed images which are silkscreened on a hard backing (so it says).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
the Rasterbator to generate a large version of any image you have on your computer. Your printer quality will be the only holdback here.

If you want high tech, options we can think of include:

  • Professional large scale photo printing – Call Spectra for info
  • Local poster printers who can silkscreen:
    • Glaowen Poster & Printing – 445 5th Ave, New York, 10016 – (212) 447-0159
    • Poster Printers The – 1607 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, 11230 – (718) 375-3113
    • R & C Poster Print – 294 Leonia Ave, Bogota, NJ 07603 – (201) 342-4111

None of this is perfect, we realize, so we hope some others have better answers. (Thanks, Brian!) MGR