Good Questions: Co-Sleeper, Bassinet, or Crib

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Judith is really struggling with this decision: “I only have a couple more months to get things ready, and I am just totally stuck on this decision. Baby will be sharing our room in our 1 bedroom apartment, so either way, co-sleeper, bassinet, or crib, they’ll be close by…

… but I just can’t decide if I should try putting them in the crib next to my bed immediately, or if it would be worth the extra money to also invest in a co-sleeper, bassinet, or Moses basket that I can move more easily from room to room and also allows me to reach over to them more easily during those first few months.

I’m seriously considering the Arm’s Reach mini co-sleeper, the Cariboo folding bassinet, organic Moses basket (and stand?), or a crib from Ikea or Walmart. Organic mattresses are also important to me so if I go with the Arm’s Reach I’ll have to buy a separate organic mattress and then the same for the crib. If I go right to the crib, I can save money and just spend money on a nicer crib and organic mattress. The Cariboo is a little pricey, but I love the look and it seems healthy.

I am just having such a hard time making this decision and keep going back and forth. I know every baby is different, but if anyone can add their advice, maybe it would help me come to a decision.”

Well, you’re right- every baby is different, and every parent has a personal preference that works for them. In general, what we hear over and over again, is not to invest too much in any one option until you discover what will work for baby.

See if you can borrow a bassinet or co-sleeper so that you don’t invest as much in that. If that doesn’t work and space really is an issue, starting right off with the crib doesn’t seem like a bad idea since it’ll be in your room anyway.

Readers- any light to shed on this question?