Good Questions: Custom Closet Doors?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I just purchased an apartment and it has very large closet doors (floor to ceiling). The closet doors are the hollow flat sliding type on a metal track–very early 70s. The kitchen door uses two smaller panels with the slots on the top portion–which have been painted with over 20 years of dripping paint.

I would like to replace them with custom doors — Could you recommend anyone in NYC to come in, size and install updated doors?

Thanks, Keely

Keely, first of all, our apologies for taking so long to get to your question. We can only defend ourselves by saying that each time we looked at it, we had no super bright ideas. The best thing to do would be to find the style of the doors that you want and then call up a contractor to come in and get the job done. To begin the research, we would talk to:

Bill at Astech Closets – they specialize in closets

This is a small job for a contractor, but if you are really clear about what you want and do the legwork, we bet these guys will help you get it done. Of course, mention AT. MGR