Good Questions: Good Tub Refinisher?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I am having trouble finding someone to redo my old clawfoot tub. I called George Taylor, but his comment was that there is no such thing as refinishing and that I should just buy a new one. This is not a viable alternative!

Anyone know a good tub refinisher?

Thanks, Mary

As far as we know, all refinishing is “re-glazing,” but there are varying qualities. We found this intense thread over at Van Dykes that is a little helpful in filling in the back story, meanwhile the best thing we know is to ship your tub to a re-glazer/re-finisher and have then do it in their shop. Here are a few sources and here is

The deal with reglazing is that after your porcelain is prepped they apply a highly toxic polymer glaze to the tub which takes a day or two to set (longer to off-gas). The glaze looks great and works well as long as you don’t use harsh cleaners (ie. comet) or chip at it with hard objects. (Thanks, Mary!) MGR