Good Questions: Help Me With My Bedroom!

Good Questions: Help Me With My Bedroom!

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 2, 2005

Hello AT,

We just got a new queen size mattress to replace our full size mattress and now find that our already awkward and small sized bedroom is so overly cramped that we are not comfortable.

I have tried every bed dresser combination I think possible, but no luck. I have included photos of my "ugliest bedroom" and would like to get your ruthless, no-holds barred hints.

Best, Carla (more info and pics below)

Carla, this is going to have to be a thread because you've got a tough little situation going on here. Love the wall but it could use softening. Recommend light white curtains. Don't like the black dresser, would recommend brown wood. Is it not possible to turn the bed sideways in the room? Others jump in.... MGR

There are a few things I should mention.
The room is about 14" long X 7.5" wide (at the widest-non-squiggly part). We have one very small closet for the both of us.

*The orange paint in photo #1 looks weird in squiggly in the photo, but not in "real life." Yet Kali the Kitty always looks that regal.

*The wall pictured in photo #2 is a curvy, not flat, wall. Any furniture I place there tends to jut out into the doorway and cannot lie flat against the wall.

*I resisted the urge to clean up the top of these dressers, so that you could all see how messy they become, probably because of poor storage systems. To be completely honest, I cleaned up a lot of clothing that was sitting on the trunk at the foot of the bed. OK, to be even more honest, I also made the bed.

*The "headboard" is made up of some covered bookcases. They used to be higher than our heads, but no with the new mattress (which is like a piece of challah french toast) we are at the same level and I have been waking up with my head on the shelves.

*This small area is where I step of bed and have to traverse the humidifier and narrow space between the bed and dressers.


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