Good Questions: How Can I Seal Linoleum?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My house was built in 1902. Sometime around the 20’s or 30’s asbestos linoleum was put in the dining room and kitchen. It is terribly worn, the finish is gone and the color is just awful. We plan to redo both rooms within the next 10 years, but I need a fix before that.

When I scrub the floors, the linoleum comes up with it, the water turns the color of the floor and it seems to seep into it, the floors stay wet forever! Bad news!! Is there a kind of paint I can use to seal the floor and to cover the awful color of it? Thanks, Adrienne

Tough one! We don’t have any experience with linoleum this old, but if it is that porous we would try polyurethane or a poly-based paint to cover it completely. the other idea would be to oil it, but oil doesn’t react well with man made material (see condoms). That is the best we can do. Oh, you could also check with Armstrong (who make the stuff) and follow their directions for repolishing. Anyone else… MGR