Good Questions: How Do I Frost My Glass Without Etching It?

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Does anyone know how to properly “frost” windows for privacy yet still allow in the light? I have seen spray applications that look great but eventually peel or scrape.

Since I rent do not want to get frosted glass and good organza curtains seem to self destruct in a matter of months. Any and all tips appreciated.


Dear O,

We liked your question for the oddity of it. As far as we know properly frosted windows are etched with acid to cloud the surface, and ANYTHING else you do will not be quite the same. The only alternative is to apply a spray or a contact paper, which won’t be perfect but worth trying (why not?). Below are a few links we found to some products:
Decorative Films looks good
Gallery Glass is recommended by some to create this effect
Berekely Parent’s network talks about a film from GILA
Frosting windows with Epsom Salts MGR