Good Questions: How Do I Live With His Tech?

Good Questions: How Do I Live With His Tech?

Gregory Han
Mar 3, 2009

My boyfriend and I just recently moved into our first place together. Unfortunately, along with my boyfriend, I also am now living with his "surround sound system" which is very unsightly. How can we best disguise? Any recommendations from others with similar experiences living with someone? -Camelia

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Camelia, first off, let me apologize for my fellow brother in tech love. He looks like he's got an impressive assortment of home theater and entertainment products that include a Wii, a Samsung LCD, a 3.1 surround sound system, a receiver, turntable and an assortment of miscellaneous items that are overflowing out of the tiny shelving solution like Dolly Parton out of a dime store dress. What you need to invest in is in a proper home entertainment cabinet, which will handsomely house his gear and give everything a proper place to reside within (the stack of cardboard boxes, though utilitarian, aren't going to win style points even with fellow A/V nerds).

What about something like this affordable Target Media Center, a customizable system which gives up to 4 slots for components, several drawers for media, and even a wall mounting option (you boyfriend's current small sized screen seems to be improperly positioned too high).

Want to pretty it up the whole setup a bit while complimenting the black finish? How about the TROLLSTA sideboard from IKEA? Just drill a few holes for wires/cables and for ventilation, and you've got a little bit of feminine aesthetic touch added to what is a hard edged tech setup.

And if you're on a tight budget, we can't but highly recommend tackling a DIY project. Scour flea markets, garage sales and second hand stores for vintage era stereo cabinets and you can create your own turntable, home theater system-friendly storage like we did last year (we even had space for our own vinyl collection).

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