Good Questions: How Do I Revive My Scratchy Bathroom Towels?

Good Questions: How Do I Revive My Scratchy Bathroom Towels?

Gregory Han
Feb 4, 2009

Dear AT, I've purchased a set of new towels a few months ago and they've already gone from being fluffy soft to a bit scratchy and crackly to the touch. These are 100% Egyptian cotton...I thought they'd at least remain soft for a few wash cycles before transforming into the equivalent of semi-soft fabric exfoliant sheets. Can you help me revive my towels back to their former soft state? Sincerely, Itchy & Scratchy

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Itchy & Scratchy, the good news is your towel problem is not so much about the quality of your towels, but an issue about water hardness (though, 100% Egyptian Cotton doesn't always ensure super soft towels). Whether your towel is old or new, the softness can disappear quick after a few washes due to hard water, excessive detergent and/or fabric softener build-up. Consider giving your new, but-not-old towels a wash with a half cup of white vinegar. You can also separately wash them afterward with a half cup of baking soda to remove any odour. If the problem persists, consider having your water tested for mineral content and look into installing a water softening system. A budget solution is White King Water Softener and Detergent Booster, which you can add to each load. For the time being, enjoy your glowing smooth skin!

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