Good Questions: How Do I Stop a Really Bad Roach Infestation?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I Just bought a beautiful prewar 1bdrm in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn (1000 sq ft and side garden!)…however now that we’ve moved in, it’s INFESTED with roaches. Infested. Disgusting. The inspection missed this small detail.

Apparently the prior owners were a husband and wife who had the place for 35 years, and, in her declining years the widow had Alzheimers, so perhaps
this is the reason.

So I am appealing to you and your readers; any good exterminators? I’d like these little f___ers terminated with extreme prejudice.


p.s. have already had baseboard spraying and baits set down…not even made a dent :<

Move. Or call Pest Away Exterminators, the only one we know who get to the root of the problem. Anyone else? MGR