Good Questions: How to Get More Red in The Room?

Good Questions: How to Get More Red in The Room?

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 28, 2005

Hello AT,
Help! I am in need of some good suggestions for putting some color on the wall without the use of paint!

Here is my dilemma...
There is a plain white wall in my apartment I envision in a warm red-- the problem is that it is textured (and painted with semi-gloss) and would be extremely difficult to paint over. I hear a lot about using fabric as an alternative to paint, especially for apartments. I have heard of two techniques- tacking panels of fabric to the wall or the other method of "gluing" it to the wall with liquid starch.
(cont'd below)

While liking your apartment and feeling that it isn't as bad as you think, here are a few tips:
1. It isn't your white that is the problem, but the predominance of blue. Mixing blue and red is TOUGH. I like the reddish pillow here, since it has a lavender direction to it which goes well with the blue. Stick with more lavender/magenta reds and avoid primary reds.
2. Don't worry about the walls!
3. Add more reddish pillows
4. Replace your copper lamp base with a reddish glass one
5. consider a warmer rug instead of the white one you have now
6. consider putting color into your tablecloth (you have a lot of BLACK!)
That's a starter. Others may have more. Send pics when you make another change. (Thanks, Sarah!) MGR

Has anyone ever used either of these methods? How does the finished product look (and do you have pictures)? Do you have any tips or other alternatives? I'm trying to avoid slapping up a large piece of red art because it wouldn't have the same effect, especially with my decor (modern furniture and antique Asian heirlooms).

I'm open to any suggestions! Thank you!


(We tried to put some red elements around the room, but it doesn't seem like enough (you can see some of the red elements in attachement 2 and 3- the valance and the tall screen and hanging pictures (although looks sort of
black) are red...)

And I attached a couple of pictures of the kitchen and dining areas (the living/dining/kitchen a open, connected space) to show how WHITE everything is.
We went with a "brown theme" in the dining area (most of the decor is wood) and it has achieved the feel of brown despite the walls staying white- but I can't seem to achieve this feeling with the red.)

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