Good Questions: How to Refresh Our Kitchen On a Budget?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT, my husband and I are in the process of renovating our kitchen with some new countertops and cabinetry that will bring the room from the early 80’s to a more modern look (bye-bye honey stained wood!). Unfortunately, because all of our funds went to replacing those major components, we don’t have any money to update our aged looking mix of appliances, including the dishwasher, fridge and stove; one is black, the other two are white/off white. My husband wants to replace them all with his preference for stainless steel appliances “one day”, but I’m hoping something can be done NOW to coordinate with our updated kitchen when everything is finished (sorry, no photos until the renovation is completed). Any budget-minded suggestions? Sincerely, Jackie.

Jackie, if your appliances are working fine and you’re limited by budget, we think using SoftMetal faux stainless steel adhesive film might be a good option that will coordinate the mish-mash of appliances under one shared finish. It’s fairly affordable scratch resistant, durable and heat resistant. Best yet, it’s easily removed if you decide the cool stainless steel finish doesn’t work with your updated kitchen.

You may also consider purchasing used appliances from a reputable dealer or keep an eye via Craigslist. You can occasionally find fairly new kitchen appliances with notable discounts if you keep your eyes peeled.