Good Questions: Looking for a Humidifier

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Amanda wrote us with this question, “Can you recommend a good humidifier for the nursery? One that is safe and easy to clean.


Well, especially if you live in an apartment with steam radiators, the winter dryness can really take it’s toll. We haven’t tried the above Hello Kitty humidifier from Crane, but it got some good reviews over at Target. Crane makes a line of very child-friendly humidifiers.

We’ve tried a number of humidifiers, but can’t say we’ve been very happy with any of them. We didn’t feel a huge difference, and cleaning them was a pain. But we’ve had our eye on the AIR-O-SWISS Ultrasonic Humidifier. You can use it for warm or cool mist, and it says it’s easy to change and clean.

Anyone else humidifying?