Good Questions: Mattress Suggestions for a Good Night’s Sleep?

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

We are having a hard time sleeping and think it’s our mattress’es fault!
Does anyone have any suggestions or resources for finding a good mattress fit?

Okay – just tore apart the bed: its a Simmons Beautyrest circa 1991.
The main problem is waking up stiff with achy necks and backs and tossing during the night due to general discomfort. I’m constantly flipping over because i’m uncomfortable – the bed just hurts.

Thanks! Jasie

PS. how do you like my picture?

Dear Jasie,

Nice pic. First of all, a 1991 mattress is due for a heave ho. 7-10 years is the average timing on mattress replacement and we would only ignore this IF you are actually comfortable and have no sleeping problems.

We also recommend firm mattresses with a nice soft top to give you just a bit of cushioning. We like Sealy Posturpedic, but mattress choice gets a little subjective.

Two options are a feather bed which you can find at for an excellent price or an all wool mattress pad such as the Cuddle Ewe (Yes, funny name). The wool pad can be used year round, but both will transform the comfort level of your sleepy nights. MGR