Good Questions: My Super Won’t Let Me Have an AC in The Bedroom!

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Hello AT,

I’m dying.

When we bought our co-op apartment, we didn’t know that we wouldn’t be allowed to put a window air conditioner in the bedroom, where both windows open out to the fire escape. The super says it’s against the law.

We promptly bought a window fan and a standing one, but it is just too hot and the wakeful sweaty nights are breaking me down.

I don’t know anything about the laws or ordinances, just what the super has decreed. If anyone knows a good resource for figuring out the finer points of this city rule, I’d appreciate it–there are two windows, and one seems too high and narrow to use as an escape route, but would probably fit an a/c. Oddly, it now has bars and coudn’t be an exit anyway.

And if anyone can suggest a solution other than an expensive (and hard to store) portable a/c that’s not window bound, we’d love to hear it. We can’t be the only people in new york with this problem.

like i said, *dying.*



(p.s.–we’re in the middle of using that traemand ikea cabinet measurement/design/installation service i read about here–i’ll let you know how it goes.)

Dear Lindsay, we don’t know the rules about this, but we are pretty sure that you should be allowed to have an AC in at least ONE of your windows. Anyone have answers here? MGR