Good Questions: New Audiophile Looking For Some Great Portable Cans

Good Questions: New Audiophile Looking For Some Great Portable Cans

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 20, 2009

Hey all,

Was wondering if any of you guys had some recommendations for a great set of headphones that sound great (look great would be a plus) and are portable enough for me to carry in the park or listen to music at a cafe? I'm looking for something that's considered an "audiophile" headphone, not some run-the-mill "Skullcandy" ones (no offense, they do make decent earphones and I hear their customer service is great), but I'm just want something with a little more depth than your standard headphones. Any tips?

Thanks, Ryan

Hello there Ryan, and thanks so much for writing! We've done a number of roundups for headphones before so feel free to take a peek at some of them below if you want to have a diverse selection of recommended cans to choose from:

If none of the above cater to your palette (everyone's definition of style differs quite a bit), one of our favorite sets that we've heard recently and highly recommend are the Audio-Technica ATH-SQ5 Portable Headphones. We found them to be one of the best looking headphones that actually balance style with great sound, all in a sexily painted piano rectangular package.

You can grab them for a very reasonable price of $120, hopefully not going completely over your budget, but that's the general going price for these higher-end headphones.

Do you have a personal recommendation for Ryan? Let him know in the comments below!

[Image: Plastic Nico]

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