Good Questions: New Railing Manufacturer?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Dear Apartment Therapy,

When we renovated our apartment (5th floor walk-up on the UES), we decided to leave the staircase open and not install a banister/balustrade. The bottom of the staircase is open on both sides and all our guests are nervous about taking those first few steps.

Now, we’re preparing to sell. I’m afraid that potential buyers will not like–for safety reasons–our choice to keep the staircase open.

I cannot find anyone who will custom-manufacture a stainless steel railing that matches the one we installed on the wall….

That railing is actually random stainless steel pipe that our handyman cut and installed. We want to put the railing on only one side of the steps. Everyone we’re spoken to will not do it because “it is too small of a job.”

Any suggestions? Ted

This is a tough one indeed. There is a high road and a lower road. The high one requires a fabrication company (and possibly an architect), while the lower one would have you using SpeedRail instead. Also, if you are willing to switch to regular steel, it gets a lot easier.

  • High End: Studio 40 specializes in stainless steel fabrication (718) 246-7484 – ask for Rick
  • High End: John Berg AIA is an excellent young architect who can draw a picture up if needed
  • Middle End: Hollaender manufactures SpeedRail hand rail that would provide a much easier solution and maintain the look.
  • Musa Sangare is a good carpenter/handyman
  • Josh Swiller is a good carpenter/handyman
    (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
    (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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