Good Questions: Paper Control?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I have a quick question for you concerning files…or the fact that I have so much loose paper flying around, and do not know what to do with them.

I am a creative writer and so I tend to have lots of loose papers. Filing cabinets are so large and ungainly that I do not like them much. Do you have any suggestions for loose papers that wouldn’t require a cabinet, but still is neat and organized?


Depending on your space, our all time favorite mobile paper organizer is the Ikea Sumera file cart. Levenger also sells some nice solutions, like the Project Conceirge. The main thing is that you want to be able to SEE where stuff is so that it doesn’t start growing behind closed doors. For general open storage, the Container Store has tons of solutions, and right now we are using the Makati baskets to control the paper on our desk. (Thanks, Andy!) MGR