Good Questions: Regrouting My Tiles?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Stupid question from someone with no handy gene whatsoever, but who do I call to get someone to regrout the tiles in my bathroom?

It’s great vintage, subway tile, but I’m worried the water is starting to seep through to the wall, and I have no idea who does this – a plumber? A tile guy? A general handyman?

Thanks, Lisa

Dear Lisa, Be bold! You can do it yourself with an off-the-shelf tube of tile caulk from your local hardware store. You can either to a patch job or really dig out the old stuff and start from scratch.

  • How to apply tub and tile caulk

    If this scares you, call a tile guy. Tile guys are usually found through tile shops and we have listed a few here. MGR

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