Good Questions: Reputable Repair Shop?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT,

Speaking of mirrored furniture, does anyone know of a reputable repair shop in town who could replace one small panel of a very new cabinet I bought from Julian Chichester? I’ve been unable to get any references from their sales staff.

Thanks very much,

Our first impulse was to contact The Furniture Joint and see what Matthew Haly has to say. His answer? Go to a mirror & glass shop and have them cut you a piece to place back behind the edging. So we did.

Our favorite glass shop downtown is Capitol Glass & Sash (212.243.4528) and they said they often do this kind of repair and that it is best if you can bring the panel in and have them cut the glass and install it in their shop. They will also pick it up and deliver it back as well. (Thanks, David!) MGR