Good Questions: Rooftop Gardening?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

We are trying to make our roof a bit more user-friendly to enjoy the nice weather. The two things that would help the most are some kind of fence so we aren’t face to face with our neighbors, and some type of lightweight planters with extremely hardy plants (the wind is strong up there).

Ideally an automated water system would be involved. We don’t want to spend a lot–just the most simply, sturdy solution. We tried DIY last summer and everything toppled and broke apart due to the wind. Who can we turn to?

Thanks! Nell

We have to refer this question to SKGR for a good answer, but here is where we would look:

  • Fence – we like the willow branch fences which are light and easy to affix to anything – Gardener’s Supply Catalog
  • Planters – go Ikea or any of the plastic terra cotta planters you can get at most plant stores
  • Watering system – Good luck! For everything you could possibly want for DIY watering systems go to FARM TEK (and if Vanita is out there, she has a great rooftop garden with a system that works well – how did you do it?)
    (Thanks, Nell!) MGR
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