Good Questions: Shower Stall or Tub Reno?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I own a medium-size (850-990 sq. ft) apartment in Park Slope, and I’m thinking about initiating that ever-popular renovation of the bathroom. I’m entertaining the idea of ditching the tub altogether and tiling the floor to create just a standing shower in the area.

My question is, will this reduce the resale value of the apartment, or turn off alot of potential buyers when I eventually sell the place?

Thanks! Roger

In terms of resale value, redoing your bathroom will have very little impact on the price going up and there is no difference that we know of between a shower stall bathroom and a tub bathroom on paper.

Which is to say, go ahead and do it for yourself because no one else will mind and it won’t make the price go down. Have fun and send pics! MGR