Good Questions: Software Keep My Mac Clean, Healthy and Fast?

Good Questions: Software Keep My Mac Clean, Healthy and Fast?

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 8, 2009

Yeo from Switzerland asks:

Greets Unplggd!

I've been a PC user for the longest time and I've always had to reinstall the OS every few months because of the leftover registry residues. I got fed up - so I got a Mac. I heard it didn't get as corrupted/messy as much, but after using it for 2-3 years, I'm starting to notice huge slowdowns. I upgraded my RAM to 4GB so that can't be the issue. I was wondering if there was any software out there that helps clean up my computer so I don't have to reinstall the entire OS again? Thanks!!!

Even though Mac users sometimes feel they are free from the hassles of reinstalling their OS, the truth is any application you install will leave some caches, universal binaries, unnecessary logs and languages, install preferences, support files, etc.

So, even if you uninstall it, there are times when messy coding from the application or widget developer will leave files unused on your Ma's hard drive. Like a chaotic room filled with junk slowing down your workflow, your valuable disk space, when filled with unnecessasry crap, will tend to slow down your computer over time.

We've heard of a few applications on the Mac platform that help alleviate this issue, though we honestly prefer the clean wipe since it safely ensures there's absolutely no crap left behind, but a few of those apps are: CleanMyMac and OnyX. And while both have received decent reviews, we personally have found OnyX to do a slightly better job getting rid of those junk files.

If you're looking for some software to clean up your PC, we suggest checking out CCleaner. Otherwise, does anyone out there have some tips for Yeo regarding crap removal from her Mac?

[Image: Luz]

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