Good Questions: Space Saving Wardrobe Replacement?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Help! Our bedroom is overflowing with clothes! We have a very small and jam-packed closet and an ugly particle board wardrobe we pulled off the street several years ago.

We’re ready to splurge on a nice-looking storage solution to replace the wardrobe. I want to take advantage of our high ceilings and I noticed “Robert’s Golden Handcuffs” from your Smallest Apartment contest appeared to use Ikea kitchen cabinets as storage space in his bedroom.

This looks pretty damn good to me. Do you have any other suggestions in terms of floor to ceiling storage solutions – particularly storage space that has either drawers or doors (so our underwear isn’t always on display)?

Thanks in advance! Jenny

Dear Jenny, First de-clutter! No matter what awesome solution you find, it sounds like you have a lot of energy tied up in your stuff. Pruning your collection will give you back a heap of energy and get the ball rolling.

Robert’s solution has the advantage of being built in, which makes it really clean and maximizes the space, but you want to go pretty much floor to ceiling with it.

We would say if you are willing to do this, go to Ikea, look for a style of cabinet you like and go for it. This is your best bet.

Ikea has alot of different styles with enough modularity to allow you to add or subtract what you want. Just make sure you build them in by attaching them to your wall and trimming up the edges. Good luck, MGR