Good Questions: Stainless Steel Ooze?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

i recently purchased a coop in lefferts gardens … with stainless steel appliances. but, between the time [the previous owner] bought them and the time they became mine, something happened that left the stainless surfaces looking like there is ooze all over them.

they are dry to the touch, not sticky at all. conventional cleaning products seem to do nothing… any ideas? can stainless steel be waxed and buffed like a car? would that even help? i am totally clueless. thanks! A.

Hmmm. Stainless is famous for resisting stains, etc. Without knowing exactly what this looks like, we would recommend using a stainless steel cleaner and/or polisher, which does deal with the different qualities of this surface. Here are a few we found: