Good Questions: Suggestions for Basement Man-Cave

Good Questions: Suggestions for Basement Man-Cave

Gregory Han
May 12, 2009

Dear Unplggd, I am moving into my first house with my wife at the end of this month. I was looking for suggestions on the man-cave which I will be using the finished basement for. I want to try to set the place up as cleanly and efficiently as possible from the beginning. I have a 50" Sony XBR LCD, PS3, Wii, and XBox 360 I will be setting up down there. I also want to get any suggestions on the setting up of a home network - cool ways to make things clean/easy from the get go. The main thing is that this is a clean start so I want to make sure when I setup my electronics I am doing so in the best way possible...more organized wiring and etc is essential. Thanks for any suggestions. – Parker

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Parker, your question is undoubtedly a common issue for newly weds. Men love the concept of "mancaves", while we've noticed a horrified attitude amongst many of our female readers when the concept is mentioned. But personally we don't see the idea any worse than a person having a crafting room or her own home tech space...we think it's the name that ruffle their HDMI cables. But there's validity in the argument that a man-centric getaway doesn't have to necessarily be "cave" in atmosphere (unless one is talking about optimal lighting for home theater: dark). No, we think the best route is include your significant other in decorating the entertainment room so it's inviting to anyone and everyone who may be over (and because we believe a feminine touch is a good thing), including and most importantly your wife. Design your basement area thoughtfully arranged and you can transcend a mancave into something much better: a home entertainment space. Or you could always make it a DIY project to do together with your wife like this couple's basement home theater project.

Although Fullex's recent tour isn't labeled a "mancave", it's a space obviously belonging to a gent who loves his home technology. Yet the space bucks the pitfalls of decorating a space around your tech by working with the premise of hiding your components away or having specific storage areas for gaming equipment, home audio/video components and a careful placement of furnishings to hide wires and cables.

We've got several posts that tackle the issue of wire management and hiding applicable to your query about keeping things neat and tidy:

Another decor trick is to blend in all your components to match and compliment one another. Above, Andre's Mancave 2.0 is a glowing example of blending in speakers, components and display into an all-in-one integrated area, thanks to something sample as wood boards painted black and used as both mount and backdrop for his components.

And when in doubt, choose components which you can hide away when not in use like we did:

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