Good Questions: Temporary Wall Tips?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I am planning to wall off my living room to turn it into a real big bedroom for myself. Since it’s a co-op, I dont want a permament wall, so a temporary wall will be needed.

So far I have 2 quotes from people I found on CL and am not really happy with the 1600 to 1300 dollar range I have been quoted. Also, the lower priced quotes are for compression panel walls which have seams covered by a plastic strip. I need a complete L shaped wall with door so I can have privacy and sleep peacefully.

Does anyone have tips/referrals, etc? Novaid

This is one for the crowd. We are not sure of the going rate for a wall, but $1300-$1600 for an L wall with door doesn’t seem too high to us (for a good job). One of our clients has used compression walls from The Living Space Company and they are happy. Their wall cost @ $800 with a $300 deposit (the walls are leased for 3 years). If you own, however, we would invest in a solid wall. The reality is that labor and materials in NYC just add up. MGR